Learn Coding from Scratch
Vedangi Kuralkar
May 19, 2020 3 mins

As the horizons of technology continue to grow, the scope and development of programming are expanding. With the ever-increasing demand for human resources from a programming background, coding has become an essential need of the hour. As the number of use cases for coding grows, the number of coding jobs available will also continue to grow. This means that now is an excellent time to learn coding from scratch.

But can one learn this skill? Can one learn coding from scratch? Let’s see what are certain steps to start learning to code.

1. Discover what is coding. (101)

First things first, one should understand the root of coding, its scope, the nuances, and where and coding lead him to. Before you even think about enrolling in courses or starting to watch YouTube videos about coding – is to ask yourself why you want to learn to code. Sit down and think carefully about what you hope to get out of it, why coding is a skill that you want to learn, and how much time and money you have to commit to it.

Understand the theory behind coding, how it has evolved over time, what developments have been made. This gives you a clearer idea of where you want to be led once you start learning to code.

Suppose you have an inclination towards android development then, first try and understand the scope, what all can be achieved and career leads if necessary.

2. Choice of language.

Different types of programming require different skills. For example, if you want to learn how to code a website, you should learn languages like HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript. Likewise, mobile app development requires Java (for Android) or Swift (for iOS). Choosing the right language is extremely important. Once you have established the objective of learning a particular thing in coding, it becomes easier to choose between different languages.

Suppose you have decided to go upon android development, then the languages that can help are proceeding further are Java, Kotlin, etc.

3. Choice of resources for learning.

The choice of source could be the most important decision that you might have to take whilst learning coding from scratch. There are plenty of resources available like online courses, textbooks, YouTube tutorials, etc.

Due to the internet facility, everything has become very easy to access and available on fingertips. But the real question is reliability. There are various platforms to give you maximum exposure and help in developing an aptitude for coding. Begin with beginner courses to understand basics and further proceed to advance courses to excel your knowledge.

The courses on Android development and others as well are widely available on platforms like Udemy and Coursera. Programming hub has beginner to advanced courses. Check out here.

4. Practice writing programs on your own.

Coding is generally getting logic right about the problem statement. With correct syntax, one is all set to progress to the next level. And the next level is of trying and writing programs on your own for a better understanding of the functionality and use of language. When you start to write programs on your own, it gives you a sense of confidence. At the same time, it helps you identify the loopholes in your knowledge. Which in turn helps you to get better at coding and learn faster.

5. Keep yourself updated.

In a way, programming languages are like any other language. They require regular practice if you want to become fluent in them, and you will forget things if you don’t practice using them. It is, therefore essential to make sure that you keep learning new things every day.

The nature of the coding industry is dynamic. And to keep up with it, one has to constantly make an effort by keeping yourself updated.

What to start to learn coding from scratch? Join our Beginners courses here.

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