How to Get started with Programming
Akhil Kapoor
May 30, 2019 3 mins

Programming is an art. A delicate art which requires hard work and perseverance. To get started with programming, you only have to unleash the creativity within yourself.

Many students actually begin to code in their College or University days as part of their curriculum and then continue it after graduation as a full-time job mainly because they love doing it.

To get started with programming is a little bit challenging in the beginning. Sometimes, even frustrating for a newbie in the field of coding though that’s the actual fun of this beautiful world.

To get better and better, one must keep the enthusiasm and momentum going.

There are going to be quite a few programming languages introduced to you in the  University/College like HTML, C, C++, Javascript, Python, C#, PHP, CSS etc.

Depending upon your syllabus, you might be lucky to be introduced to languages like R, Java advanced, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Swift and likewise.

This would be done to get you in the mindset and environment of programming.

It is always a wise idea to not wait for the curriculum to teach you to code and rather do it by yourself.

The vital part would be the programming language(s) you choose to learn. Choose the one you love tinkering with and master it. And that will clear your way to the top in your career up ahead.

Each programming language has a syntax, also known as Grammar of programming language, without proper syntax the code does not run and gives Error.

To the surprising part, the syntax is almost similar for all programming languages. What differs is the keyword.

For Example, the do-while loop in C is known as the repeat-while loop in Swift.

Getting started with programming

get started with programming

Learning and mastering a programming language opens up an ocean of new opportunities for you. And gives you the confidence to live a good life and chase your dreams.

Now comes the best part, learning a programming language isn’t just fun but it also pays well. Big companies are constantly looking for full-time programmers and coders who can solve complex puzzles and situations and they are paid a decent amount of money for it.

Some of the high paying and popular IT jobs are Business System Analyst, Data Scientist, Applications Developer etc.

Meetups and Competitions

There are plenty of online platforms and Apps to learn programming and practice. You must also surely attend meetups in your locality and learn hacks and pro tips from the fellow programmers.

For Meetups – Computer programming groups in India

You must also take part in programming competitions and hackathons or at top Colleges and Universities. There is always one happening every week.

For competitions – Coding Events | India’s Biggest Coding Contests | TechGig

Programming Competition,Programming Contest,Online Computer Programming

To learn programming you need a solid and interactive platform and Programing Hub is an awesome platform for this. It has a Duolingo like interactive and easy User Interface and is recognized as Google Editors’ Choice on Play store and winner of Best App of the year award 2017. It is available on Android, iOS and Web platform. You will love it.

Read about top programmers in history and how they mastered the game. They just started doing the art, played with it and in that play they understood it. So pick a language and begin. Practice. Stuck somewhere. Read. Ask questions on forums.

So let us begin, shall we?

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