How to become a good programmer
Akhil Kapoor
June 9, 2019 2 mins

In the world of programming, doors keep opening every moment. Only a good programmer can spot the opportunities and excel in the career and write great code. So, how does one become a good programmer?

There are a few effective ways that one should keep in mind to become a good programmer. It is also very important to remember that each one of us is born with unique gifts and that should be cherished. So, NEVER compare your gift, your talent with someone else and always keep working hard towards your goal.

  • Code is poetry – Flow in the rhythm, write beautiful lines of code. Dwell in the music that the keys and commands have to offer. And realise that true code is written only in harmony. If an error pops up, take your time and try again instead of getting stressed about it. Refer to code snippets and forums.

  • Logic is key – Spend more time on building logic before you begin to write a program. The syntax is similar for everyone so the differentiating factor is the logic that you build. The logic for the same program differs coder to coder. So the output might be the same but the logic is unique.

  • Each programmer and program is unique – Programmers are uniquely special creatures and thus each code is unique. Instead of copying the code from a fellow programmer, create your own unique creation and feel great about it.

  • Spine stays Straight – Keep your spine straight while programming. A lazy posture never helps. Even though most of the part is to sit and just type on the computer and it is obvious to get lazy, still you should always try to sit straight to avoid chances of back pain and maintain focus and concentration.

  • Spend time with yourself – Before rushing for help, spend time with code and see how better doubts arise. In this you should listen to Albus Dumbledore, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts, to those who deserve it”.

  • Have faith, hit refresh – That code will run. Believe. Take a short break. Be back at it. Perseverance counts.

  • Get started – Probably the goodest thing you can do. We keep waiting for the right time to get started, and just like that, time passes and life moves on. Go. Just do it.

Bonus point

There is one thing that most programmers admit and that is – no matter how much you know programming, there is always room for improvement, to become better. So irrespective of how good you become, always strive to be a better version of yourself.

Since there are plenty of platforms to learn to code, it’s hard to choose which one to go for and thus we end up with something that is fairly complex, expensive and often quit learning. Many top programmers use Programming Hub and it’s an awesome Duolingo like interactive app to learn to code.

There are plenty of code snippets and a very fun and intuitive user-friendly interface.

Goodluck. Happy Programming!

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