Online Gaming Industry: An Overview.
Vedangi Kuralkar
September 4, 2020 2 mins

With the decision of the Government of India of banning 118 Chinese apps, including Tencent’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for mobile, lot of stir is happening in the online gaming market. According to data provided by Sensor Tower, as of May-20 PUBG had been downloaded 34.2 million times of which India tallied for 35.8% — 12.24 million installs. Tencent had witnessed the highest global revenue gain of  $1.3 billion from the downloads in Indian itself. 

With this incident happening there is a lot of talk going on within the experts of the Media and Entertainment sector. The revenue of the online gaming industry across India was around 44 billion Indian rupees in financial year 2018. It was estimated to go up to almost 120 billion rupees by financial year 2023, marking a significant growth potential in the industry. A growing digital population with access to speedy and cheap internet was one of the major factors leading to such a fast-paced growth in online gaming.

Research and stats clearly show the advancement and development of the gaming industry as business India. With India having only 25 gaming companies a decade ago in 2010, the number has exceedingly increased over the past ten to 250+ companies. This shows the extravagant scope of gaming industry in India. With the easily accessible and cheap internet,  the scope of gaming has been ever increasing.  Especially in past 5 years, many online gaming platforms gained popularity in urban as well as rural sectors. 

Developers in India:

With the creative skillset, game development also requires sound and technical knowledge of app/game development. With the abundance of these skills available in India, Indian companies are competing with the international league of companies to survive and enter into the market. Having said that, there are many India investors who are keenly interested in investing in this booming sector. With the interest been shown by investors and with increasing size of the market, it’d be spectacular to see the growth henceforth.

At the same time, many Indian companies provide outsourcing services to global gaming companies as well. This could be an amazing opportunity for these companies to leverage their global network and take this to the next level.

With the ban of the most popular game in India, it could be taken as a great deal of challenge and fantastic time to take first-mover advantage in industry. Game development sure has just began the arena in India and has a long way to go. Want to learn hands-on development, check us out!