Highest Paying countries for Software Developers
Vishal Vanwari
June 27, 2019 2 mins

Software developers mostly work in IT, software, technology companies. Some of these giants are Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, IBM etc. The role of a software developer is to design a program, write, and test code for new systems program and create software to ensure the need of the hour is met with the proper code, it any programming language. A Software Developer works step by step, in order to create any program, for creating and designing new systems start from the initial planning, checking out parameters, designing phase, coding, encrypting and the last one is testing before the roll out into the market. And for this, they get paid heavily. So let’s have a look at the highest paying countries for a software developer.

All these steps are performed by a team or done by the team of Software Developers, and each developer has different steps to do and a supervisor overseeing the entire project. It is said that most of the developers around the world start to begin or start learning to code at a very young age.

Software Developers work and learn several programming languages on which they have to work. Everybody knows how complex is the job of software developers. It is not easy to become a software developer, the developer should have advanced knowledge of computer science and mathematics as well.  Their field is constantly developing and new technologies and advancements are developing every day so they must be in a continuous state of learning and self-improvement.

They always think by learning more and different languages such as python, java, c++ will get them a good job which means a hike in the previous salary. In this technology-driven world, everything revolves around software technology which means the demand for software developers is increasing day by day.

In recent research, it is found that due to advancement in technology the need of software developers will grow by 31 per cent till 2026.  This is mainly due to the growing desire for businesses to produce new applications and indulge in customer-centric products.

Here you will get to know what is the estimated or approximate payout of the software developers in different countries:

1.    United Kingdom: Software Developer – $ 24, 945 – $ 54, 917 Average pay = $ 34, 968 per year

2.     Netherlands : Software Developer – $25,885 – $88,471 Average pay = $48,746 per year.

3.    Singapore : Software Developer – $ 26, 998 – $ 64, 587

Average pay = $ 48, 354 per year.

4.    Argentina: Software Developer – $ 16, 037 – $ 40, 693

Average pay = $ 26, 385 per year.

5.    Spain: Software Developer – $ 18, 784 – $ 45, 641

Average pay = $ 32, 588 per year

These 5 countries are the highest paying countries for software developers. In a survey, it is found that the Entry level positions in software developers got an average start at $55,000 while most experienced workers make up to $110,000. The pays are different and vary from country to country. Large market cap companies always prefer 2 to 3 years of experience whereas start-ups and smaller ones are always happy to hire entry levels or the freshers. A Software developer’s career is vast and the growth rate in this career is getting skyrocketing day by day.