Digital Marketing 101!
Vedangi Kuralkar
September 15, 2020 2 mins

Every now and then we are able to see, hear, process and consume the happenings across the globe. Thanks to the world of web. We are interlinked, reachable, and coherent, yet very distinguishable and unique, all at the same time. Consequently, this plays a vital role in brands’ businesses. The world of digital not only helps businesses achieve standard marketing goals but also can contribute majorly to revenue generation. With the evolution of technology, businesses today are in place to take maximize business and expand further. With data coming in the picture, the possibility of reaching an accurate audience changes dramatically. 

It provides equal opportunities to grow to the business of every type. Digital marketing gives the same opportunities for every kind of business, to advertise their products, services, and brand to the same audience. Even small and medium scale enterprises also have equal opportunities like large enterprises to perform online marketing at any time.

Digital marketing could be an exceptional tool for building brand equity if used wisely. This helps in earning the trust of the end-users to build stronger and better relationships with the consumers. With laser-sharp targeting, digital marketing enables the user to reach a finer audience which in-turn brings in business.

Major Principles: 

 The fundamentals of marketing remain the same as digital is a branch extension on marketing itself. With evolving 4-P’s of marketing to reaching to 8-A’s of content marketing, the idea remains the same and so does the objective. But as there is a difference in the delivery channel, as the content of marketing is going to get consumed in a totally different format than traditional marketing, the tools, and the techniques change. 


One such major tool is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is a fundamental aspect of digital marketing strategies. This is an integrated approach to drives customers to your business through a web portal.  In simpler words, SEO makes it easier for your audience to reach you and locate you in the clutter of web. Hence, SEO gives opportunities for substantial levels of free advertising; it would make your website rank primarily in the initial pages of search engine result pages, and provide reasonably good ROI. 


Every activity happening across internet can be tracked down and could be used in some or the other way. Above all, the major advantage of marketing your brand or product using digital is its traceability. Every action you take for marketing can be measured and the result and efficiency can be measured. To understand more and to find productivity, there are various matrixes that are used. This helps businesses keep a check on expenditure and returns from it. This a major advantage that digital has over conventional marketing. 


Because of the revolution that data brought in with it, understanding and knowing the customer has become very viable. With help of data analytics, digital can look of the exact audience, a lookalike audience, can keep a check on competitions, and even reach a wider and more relevant audience. Analytics helps businesses to stay relevant and grow in a more convenient and scientific way.

Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to build a brand from scratch, helps you in reaching an accurate audience, increase ROI, and much more, the advantages are endless. In conclusion, it is simply impossible to learn everything about it in a blog. Want to dive deep in Digital marketing, try us on Android and iOS!