Programming Jobs that are in demand in 2017



If you’re looking for a job that can give you a good salary pay as well as career stability, a career in information technology may be right for you. The IT sector is still growing faster compared to many other sectors.  Programming jobs may not be prestigious but the industry is still booming with opportunity. If you want to start a career in programming, you absolutely can. 2017 looks bright for the tech industry compared to other industries as more companies look to hire IT professionals with advanced skills to continue digital transformation efforts.

Software Development:


Software developers are in demand everywhere. Financial systems are advanced and complete with complex algorithms, statistical analyses, and tons of data to be processed every day. Speed and security are also very important. Programmers are in high demand over here. Programmers are needed at all levels of government right from basic grunt work to the design and maintenance of vast systems. If you have expertise in computer and network security, you can even aim for clearance-restricted positions. Government jobs may not be exciting but they have very good benefits. Technology is always advancing and most programmers focus on keeping up with new trends, but most long-running businesses operate on older tech stacks. Two types of jobs exist in this realm are maintaining or expanding legacy systems or porting legacy systems to newer tech stacks.

Mobile Development:


About 72 percent of Americans own an internet-connected smartphone in 2015, according to Pew research. Many other countries reported similar figures. And those numbers are still on the rise. The mobile app craze may or may not have peaked but mobile apps have a long future ahead of them and mobile app developers will be in demand now and even in future. The industry is far from mature, but it has definitely settled in. But if you’re young, single, ambitious, and persistent, it can be a dream worth chasing. Note that you don’t have to be a world-changing success like PayPal or Instagram. Even moderate success is still a success.

Web Development:


Web development mainly involves building, creating and maintaining websites. It is a niche in programming where the rules are unique. The languages, the architecture, the workflow, and the concepts tend to have little to no overlap with business applications development or video game development. Most of the web developers tend to be freelancers.

A front-end developer takes the design of a website and brings it to life. By using programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, a developer can implement its functionality that makes a website interactive and operable. Such websites can be made from scratch or you can create and sell advanced themes for frameworks like WordPress. A back-end developer deals with the actual logic and data of a website. In terms of a car, a front-end developer builds things like the frame and doors, whereas a backend developer handles everything under the hood. Programming languages include PHP, Python, JavaScript, and Ruby and frame works include Laravel, Django, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails. A full-stack developer handles both front-end and back-end. A developer can be a freelancer or an employee. A developer can make the website design come to life and implement the logic and data that keeps it persistent. Compared to Back end developers, full-stack developers are often in higher demand.


Source: skilledup

Database Development:


Databases are very important in various sectors like educational, financial etc. Any software solution that involves data likely uses databases for storing that data. Smart database design is necessary to minimize complexity, optimize performance, and make sure the data can be easily queried and accessed by any program that needs it. While databases go hand-in-hand with web development, that isn’t the only field where this is important. For instance, governments and banks have massive internal databases. And because databases are so mission critical, dedicated database developers are often in high demand. If you decide to specialize in databases, the two major databases are SQL and NoSQL. Mastering both would be great but it would be better to choose the one that suits one’s needs.

SQL has been used in computer programming for several decades. SQL is the language itself, multiple relational database management systems exist. The most popular are MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and SQLite. A non-relational database type that offers more flexibility, scalability, and speed of development at the expense of less built-in structure and integrity is NoSQL. You also lose the universal SQL method of querying databases. NoSQL is currently quite trendy in web and mobile development, but SQL is still more popular and in higher demand overall.


Now we know which are the most demanding programming jobs in 2017. A career in a tech field seems to have a bright future. It is very important to choose the right job depending on your experience, skills etc. It is better to do proper research before selecting the job. You can ask some one who has already worked in the field or is working in it.