Comics – Programmer’s Dilemma: A New Start

Like info-graphics, videos, comics and comic-like visual content have a lot of viral potential.
By incorporating comic-based visuals in your brand storytelling efforts, you tap into an engaging source of website content — and you do it in a way that’s usually quicker and more cost-effective to produce than other video content formats.

At Programming Hub, our team wanted to engage with our users with much more than just words! We wanted to relate with the emotions and life experiences of programmers.

This kicked off the idea to create a few CHARACTERS with “EMOTIONS” and most importantly “HUMOR” which techie/non-techie users could relate to.


And… ideas galore, sketching begins, papers get tossed into the bin, until we narrow down to our top 5 CHARACTERS:

1. WEBBIE: The Web Developer

2. PY THON: The Server Developer


3. BASIE: The Database Guy

4. OWLSON – The Manager

5. BOB – The Client/User

With these 5 characters in mind, we could now proceed to the next step. Storyboards!

It was now time for trying out a few scripts:


With a mind full of creativity, the comics team is excited to introduce the all new comics to the world!

In a world of hardships and worries, let the comics be a reason for someone to smile for. Cheers! 🙂