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Vedangi Kuralkar
July 3, 2020 2 mins

Artificial intelligence has become a crucial part of daily human lives today and it assists in almost every scenario — whether you realize it or not. Every time you do a Google search, book a trip online, receive a product recommendation from Amazon, or open your Facebook newsfeed. These are just a few everyday instances — AI is lurking in the background.

AI is incorporated into a variety of technologies that can eventually be used for various benefits. Applications of AI are vast and could be found in almost every field today. Currently, there are a variety of use cases of AI in the industry to make it technologically more advanced. Let’s look at certain application:

1.       Use in Customer Services:

Artificial Intelligence is currently being deployed in customer service to both augment and replace human agents. Moreover, this is done with the primary goals of improving customer experience and reducing human customer service costs. The technology is not yet able to perform all the tasks a human customer service representative could. Consequently, many consumer requests very simply ask that sometimes be handled by current AI technologies without human input.

2.       Personalized shopping experience.

The implementation of artificial intelligence makes it possible for online stores to use the smallest piece of data. This can be about every followed link or hover to personalize your experience on a deeper level. This personalization results in timely alerts, messages, visuals that should be particularly interesting to you, and dynamic content that modifies according to users’ demand and supply. Online stores can also change currency and interface automatically. They send notifications about discounts on best-selling products and offer time limits on desirable items.

3.       Social Media.

Marketers spend a ton of time creating content for social media distribution, then managing distribution and engagement across channels. Traditional marketing automation tools help with this, by streamlining social media scheduling and monitoring. But AI tools take it further. Tools exist to completely auto-generate social media content across channels. This goes so far as to automatically include hashtags and shortened links. Tools also exist to auto-schedule these shares in bulk. Overall, AI is able—today—to handle certain types of social media creation and management in minutes.

4.       Healthcare.

Microsurgical procedures in the healthcare space require precision and accuracy. Robots powered with AI are assisting physicians to help reduce variations that could affect patient health and recovery in the longer term. Robot-aided procedures can compensate for the differences in the skills of physicians in cases of new or difficult surgeries. As a result, this often leads to implications for the health of the patient, or the costs of the procedure. Robots are known to have skills humans don’t. With robot-assisted surgeries, doctors can eliminate any risks of imprecision or anomalies in the procedure. As machine learning and data analytics reach new heights for healthcare. Soon, robots will be able to uncover critical insights and best practices for any surgery.

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